The most nutritious wheat requires a soil highly fertile and rich in organic matter - a black soil also known as Chernozemic soil. There are two of these chernozem belts in the world, the Canadian Prairies reaching across to the Great Plains of the USA. Most of the flour imported into the UK is derived from Canadian wheat.

The other highly prized chernozem soil belt starts on the Eurasian Steppe – and extends across Central and Eastern Europe, and as far East as Siberia. Historically, this is known as the food basket of Europe and ideal for growing the large range of crops they produce today. Our cooler UK climate has a lower natural soil fertility and therefore a lower protein content and lower yields and inevitable higher prices.

Our flour is machine rolled and the rich nutrient filled soil ensures that it does not require any additional enriching/fortification. It is unbleached and GMO free. ENFC are also keen to promote organic producers and those using more traditional methods of milling.

As well as our own brand, we are also pleased to offer you impressive products from some of the best European mills with outstanding provenance and reputation. We are recommending an alternative to your usual supply.